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Admissions Login for First Time Applicants


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Welcome to Florida Gulf Coast University! We are excited about your interest in our 800 ACRES of Green & Blue. Follow the steps below to create an online application and begin the admissions process into FGCU.

Attention First Time Applicants!

Step 1 Create a PIN: If you have never submitted an application to FGCU before you will need to create a PIN by following the instructions below. Record this PIN as it will be used throughout the application process.

Step 2 Record Application ID: After creating the PIN, you will receive a message with your assigned Application ID. The application ID will begin with the letter ā€œGā€ followed by eight numbers (G########). This information will be used to access your application if you take a break or close your web browser.

Step 3 Complete Application: Now that you have created your account you may begin completing each section of the application. Make sure to have the necessary documents available to ensure you enter accurate and complete information ā€“ this is very important to avoid delays in processing your application.

Step 4 Select an Application Types: Select the appropriate graduate or undergraduate application after carefully reading each description. Open the drop down list and highlight the correct Graduate or Undergraduate option.

Your PIN can be up to 20 alphanumeric characters. Minimum 8 alphanumeric characters are required. At least one numeric character must be in the PIN. At least one alphabetic character must be in the PIN. Enter your PIN again to verify it and then select Login. Your Login ID and PIN will be saved.

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