SYD 3930
ST: White Racism

Term: Spring 2018
CRN: 12999


Topics of current or special interest in the area of socio-dempgraphic studies.

In this course, we will interrogate the concept of race; examine the racist ideologies, laws, policies, and practices that have operated for hundreds of years to maintain white racial domination over those racialized as non-white; and discuss ways to challenge white racism and white supremacy toward promoting an anti-racist society where whiteness is not tied to greater life chances. Waitlist turns on only after CRN fills. Please see Academic Calendar for Waitlist shut down time. Instructions:

College: Arts and Sciences
Department: DNU-Social&Behavioral Sciences
Level: Undergraduate
Instructor: Thornhill, T.

Status: Open, On Campus
Capacity: 50
Seats Available: 4
Waitlist Available: 5
Credit Hours: 3

Meeting Times:

Class Jan 08, 2018 - Apr 26, 2018 T R -- 09:00am - 10:15am -- Reed Hall 236
Exam May 03, 2018 - May 03, 2018 R -- 07:30am - 09:45am -- Reed Hall 236

Course Syllabus

Textbook and Materials History