BME 4884
Bioengineering Senior Design I

Term: Fall 2021
CRN: 80483


First course in a two semester capstone design sequence for bioengineers. Includes capstone project problem definition, competitive benchmarking, design metrics and specifications, realistic constraints including ethical, regulatory, intellectual property and standards. Also generation of potential project solution strategies and concept selection.

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College: Engineering
Department: DNU-BioEng
Level: Undergraduate
Instructor: Lura, D.
Prerequisites: EGN 3060C with a minimum grade of C and BME 4332C with a minimum grade of C and BME 3507C with a minimum grade of C and BME 4722 with a minimum grade of C and BME 4800C with a minimum grade of C

Status: Open, On Campus
Capacity: 40
Seats Available: 16
Waitlist Available: 0
Credit Hours: 2
  Fees: Lab fee $20.00

Meeting Times:

Class Aug 19, 2021 - Dec 10, 2021 T -- 03:30pm - 05:10pm -- Holmes Engineering 433
Exam Dec 14, 2021 - Dec 14, 2021 T -- 03:00pm - 05:15pm -- Holmes Engineering 433

Course Syllabus

Textbook and Materials History