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To Login to Gulfline, please enter your User Identification Number (ID) and your Personal Identification Number (PIN) below. Your User ID should be entered as XXXXXXXXX with no dashes or spaces. Your PIN will be entered as XXXXXX. When finished, click Login.

There is a 5-minute session timeout. If you do not use the system for 5 minutes, you will be required to login again. This is to ensure the security of confidential information.

Returning users - If you forgot your PIN use the Forgot PIN? button.

When you are finished in Gulfline, please use the "Exit" button to close your browser to protect your privacy.

Students - if you need assistance or have questions about the use of Gulfline, contact the Office of the Registrar at 239-590-7980 or 1-888-373-2040. You can send an email to ORR@fgcu.edu. If you experience problems while registering via Gulfline, refer to Registration Troubleshooting.

Employees - if you need assistance or have HR/Payroll questions, please contact the Office of Human Resources at 239-590-1400 or via email at hr@fgcu.edu.

Attention! Use of SSN to log on to Gulfline is no longer supported.
To log on to Gulfline please use your UIN. Your UIN is located on your "New" Eagle ID card.

New Eagle ID Card

If you are currently enrolled in classes and do not have a new Eagle ID card like the one shown, click here to learn how to get one. For everyone else needing their new UIN please contact the Registrar's Office at (239) 590-7980 or email orr@fgcu.edu


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